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Painting Soviets

Today turned out to be a fairly busy day as I managed to finish basing my Soviet support weapons (AT gun, infantry gun, two AT Rifles and two mortars) and also did some painting on two of the four Soviet infantry formations I am working on. I did the skin, helmets and blankets/bags on 22 figures. its going fast enough that I might just try to do all the Soviet infantry at the same time.

Priming Soviets

Its a somewhat warm day today (above zero at least) so I have 64 28mm Soviet figures in the garage getting primed. The primer will also be the basecoat so I can get some of these figures painted in something approaching a realistic timeframe. I am using one of the Battlefront khaki primers. It isn’t exactly the khaki grey that I need for the Soviet Summer uniforms but it is close enough and I will be applying some khaki grey highlights to get the colour onto the figures.

The Dagonite painting begins

Today began the process of starting to paint my Dagonite cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten. I had previously primed the figures and today I created a “fish” tone paint to use for the skin and scales.

I wanted a light green blue colour to act as the base for the Fishmen and Hybrid skin and also to use as a base colour for the cloaks for the Cultists. I had an empty Devlin Mud bottle that I cleaned out and then mixed a colour to use. I used a mixture of PP Arcane Blue, PP White and a GW medium Green.


I was highly unscientific and I will not be able to match this again :-) You can see two of the Cultists in the background ready for some colour.

Getting back on track

So time to try to get back on track with my Deadzone project. I picked up some paint from Sentry Box on Thursday so I can finish doing my first set of terrain. I also grabbed some White primer so that I can start priming the Plague figures. I am going to use a white base for them and then do a wash or two with some Secret Weapon washes to add the base colours and then highlight from there.

I still have no idea what to do with the Enforcers. I may do them in white as well following the steps that Agis posted on his site for his Death Guard figures.

No matter how I paint them though I will be doing the Plague figures first but prior to basing I need to get some sand and rubble on the bases.

Washes! I need washes!

As I was assembling the first of the Plague miniatures for Deadzone today I made a quick check through my painting supplies and realised that I didn’t have the Secret Weapon washes I was planning on using for the figures. I want to pick up some of the concrete wash to do the bases but I was thinking of doing the Plague skin in a green brown tone instead of the skin-stripped red that Mantic did. Secret Weapon makes a great green/brown Sewer Water wash that is perfect for what I want. Lucky for me Imaginary Wars here in town carries their entire range of washes so I will need to drop in and grab a few before the Xmas break.

A day of priming

Today the temperature reached a balmy 7 degrees and so I took the opportunity to get some miniatures and some terrain sprues primed. I primed all of the Dreadball miniatures that I have already assembled and also primed the sprues of Deadzone terrain that I picked up yesterday. I left all of the terrain pieces on the sprue to make it easier to prime them and I will also do the first set of washes on the sprues as well.

Dreadball minis

No idea which of the Dreadball minis I will paint first but I suspect that I will fill out the Ork and Forge Father teams first and then move on to the Veer-myn.

I need to make some space downstairs and put out some newspaper so I can start to do some washes on the sprues and then clip them out and begin to do the first set of drybrushing on them. I am also thinking that I will do some sponge painting to weather the pieces. I’ll see how the process goes though as I am more interested in getting them painted and put together than making them look exceptional.

Getting some focus

I have a real problem with staying focused on a project long enough to see it to completion. I suspect that I am not unique in this but the last month has been exceptionally crazy for hopping from project to project. So I think that to tame the beast that is my unbridled enthusiasm, I will be setting monthly painting and gaming goals so I at least focus on one or two things a month in hopes of getting them done.

Painting and building

It has been a slow time for gaming since the Dystopian Wars tournament so I have been building and painting some miniatures. Most of the assembly has been for my Prussian Armoured Clash force. I recently ordered the Prussian starter force for Armoured Clash as well as a series of figures to build a Belgian Armoured formation, a Prussian Zeppelin force and a Prussian-Scandinavian Assault force.

Terrain and Marines on the painting table

I had a bit of free time last night so I took the time to start sanding the Epic terrain I assembled for the upcoming EpicCon 2012 tournament. All the pieces now need to be primed and then the assembly line painting of buildings and ground begins. I am not sure how many other pieces I will get done but I do need to find a source for some 6-10mm trees that I can use to build up some trees for forest terrain. I probably need to pick those up this weekend if I have any hopes of getting them done for the tournament.

I also did a bit more work on my Sine Nomine Tactical Marines. A few more highlights and they should be ready to get based and game with. Sadly in the intervening time since my last big painting push in 2012 my skills have atrophied and my arthritis has become more problematic so these figs aren’t really up to my previous painting standards. But at least they all be painted :-)

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