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Imperial Assault Campaign Game

We had a gaming day at The Sentry Box and as part of that I managed to play the Imperial side in the first campaign scenario for imperial Assault game from FFG. In it the Rebel heroes have to work their way into a small Imperial station and destroy the data terminals by the end of six turns or before they are all wounded.

It seemed as if it would be a cake walk at first but in our game the Rebels were defeated at the last minute when an Imperial E-Webber team managed to wound the final hero and end the game just prior to the same hero blasting away the final terminal.

We didn’t use many of the standard accoutrements from the campaign game rules as this was just a one-off game but it was still a lot of fun. I’m going to be trying to arrange a group to run through the campaign properly and get the full experience.

First game of Star Wars Armada

Nathan and I met up at The Sentry Box today to give the Star Wars Armada game a try. This was the first game for either of us so it was certainly a learning experience and we did mess up a few rules but nothing that would have changed the game.

Turn 1

We only did a a 180pt game and I decided to take two Victory I class Star Destroyers with a small screen of TIEs consisting of two regular squadrons and Howlrunner. I wanted to see how the ships worked in a pair and I also thought that it might be advantageous to have the added firepower. Nathan used the default Rebel build from the Starter Set and I won initiative since I was two points under.


Shattered Sword figures completed

My lethargic painting progress continues as I have now managed to finish the figures in the starter set for my Shattered Sword figures. Aside from the usual issues that limit my painting time, I also spent a fair bit of hobby time assembling the rest of my Relic Knights figs. Now that they are all primed and ready to paint I should be able to get a few more figures done.


All of these minis were primed white and painting them just reminded me of how much I loathe painting over white primer. Every tiny spot you miss pops out from the figure and it really highlights that rather cavalier way in which I paint. I also painted these troops up as traditional knights mostly to speed the process up but also because I really like how metallic armour looks.

Francis, Quill and friends

Francis Malory is actually a very nicely sculpted figure and unlike a lot of the smaller Relic Knights figures he has some good definition in his face. The Paragons in the background are a bit of a mishmash of a paint scheme. I started them first and really couldn’t decide what colours to use or what to use as the primary colour and so they got painted over with the metallic base after an unsuccessful initial attempt. There is some precise details on the front of their shields that I really couldn’t pick out well enough so it was left without any paint on it.

These are a bit of a rush job (for me that is) and I will be taking my time with the rest of the Shattered Sword figures I have.

But first, the Noh starter.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

This week was the start of the Multiverse Week promotion from Greater Than Games. For three weekends in January they are providing promos for stores to give out for people playing Sentinels of the Multiverse, Galactic Strike Force and Sentinel Tactics.

I have been playing Sentinels of the Multiverse on my iPad for some time and been having a heck of a time with it so I was happy to be able to try the game out in person. The Sentry Box ran events on Saturday and Sunday and while I wasn’t able to play on Saturday (I was running a Dicemasters event) I did get a chance to play today and it was a blast.

The physical game has a vast number of additional heroes, villains and environments and so the card game provides a lot of additional options to modify and change the game. As much as I like the digital version, it pales in comparison to just how entertaining the card game is. And the game also has a lot more co-operative play than a lot of co-op games I have played. Everyone involved is working to create situations that best use each hero’s powers and also allow you to create beneficial situations to mitigate damage from the villains, minions and environments.

In the second game I played I was using a team of lesser heroes called The Sentinels fighting with Legacy and Bunker to take down Voss in the Temple of Anubis. The team played unlike any of the other heroes I had encountered before and the Temple of Anubis environment provided an additional unique twist to the game meaning that even though two of the heroes and the villain were from the base set of the game, that it was utterly unlike any game of SoTM I had previously.

We also used the Sentinels Sidekick app app in the second game which let us track damage and other effects in the game on the iPad. An awesome addition to the game.

If you like super-hero games or co-op games I really can’t recommend this highly enough.

First game of Ars Victor

Ars Victor

I was out at a monthly boardgame event and managed to get my first game of Ars Victor with Charles. As neither of us had played before we used one of the scenarios, number 3, from the back of the book which had two armies to use and a predefined board layout.

Ars Victor is a sci-fi(ish) themed board game that takes some of the unit themes of 40K Space Marines, Eldar and Imperial Guard and then combines it with a command and control system that is somewhat reminiscent of the Command and Colors system. Players have a deck of 24 cards that have two colours (gold and silver), four suits and values from 2 to 7. These cards are used each turn to determine the type (colour and suit) of units that can activate as well as how many. A more detailed description of the game can be found in the rules which are available as a PDF download from their website.



A pun involving Noh

I did a trade on Bartertown recently for some miniatures and my part of the deal was a set of Noh miniatures for Relic Knights. When I picked up my initial figures from Dallas I really wanted the Noh set he had but he also had an eye on them so I went wanting. Happily I found what appears to be a Kickstarter set on Bartertown and the mailman dropped it yesterday.

Noh room left on the table

The package consists of

  • Noh Faction Starter Set
  • Beastmaster
  • Hounds of Nozuki
  • Serpent Priestess
  • Kasaro To
  • Marikan To
  • Darkspace Rin Farrah
  • Render
  • Hyojin Berzerkers

And I also now finally have a boost pack. No Mamaro To oddly enough but I have more than enough to assemble and paint so I doubt I’ll miss him.

Relic Knights “test”

The tableAfter an extensive delay I finally got a chance to drag out my recently acquired Relic Knights figures and try out the game. I had my Shattered Sword starter set and a Cerci Speed Circuit force that consisted of Suicide Queen, a Pacer and two small units of Hell’s Belles.

It wasn’t a full game and to keep things simple I didn’t add the objectives but we did get to try a few turns, try out a few combats and get a general feel for the game.

Lyrans v.Kzintis

Its been some time since I was able to get a game of any type in so I was happy that Stad was able to come over and have a game of Federation Commander. Its been some time since Stad has played and I have only had a few games in recently so we were both a little slow with our decisions and play. We had a 300 point game and I played Lyrans to Stad’s Kzinti. I ran a Heavy Cruiser, Destroyer and Frigate while Stad had a Medium Cruiser and two Frigates. His force was able to generate, as you would expect, an enormous number of drones while I had four ESGs spread over the three vessels. My immediate idea was to use the cruiser to cover the two smaller vessels and use its additional ESG to take out drones. That worked for the first two turns but once my formation broke after my initial attack run my smaller craft were overcome.

Star Realms

Star RealmsWhile I like board games I am not as big a fan of the genre as some people. When I do play a board game I tend to play games with cards in them and this makes me a bit of a fan of deck-building games like Ascension, Marvel Legendary and the like. That said, I’ve never really seen the appeal of Dominion.

Quite some time ago I saw Star Realms but before I could make my mind up about buying it it was sold out and has remained so since then. Luckily it came out for the iPad so I have been able to play it digitally and play it I have. I am, as of this writing, playing my 99th game and despite that apparent wealth of experience I have hit a plateau in my gameplay that has me stuck on on the same “level” of multiplayer ranking for the better part of two weeks.

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