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On the painting table

I had a few hours to myself today so I managed to get some painting done. I started work on the leIG18 and crew as well as the StuG III G for my Bolt Action force. I also started work on PanO Military Order starter set. The StuG III is still in parts as I need to paint the tracks prior to attaching them (its just easier) and then the main body and schurzen need to be painted and then assembled once most of the work on the body has been completed.

Oddly I am finding the StuG less intimidating than the leIG18 crew. Something about having to get all the colours on the uniform correct is causing me to stress about painting them. The PanO figures are for the local Infinity Escalation league. I suspect that I will miss the first two weeks due to the twin’s soccer schedule but I want to attempt to keep up with the rest of the players so I don’t get too far behind.

Dreadball Judwan double header

After taking over two Corporation teams for our league I had the pleasure of playing Lair twice (once with each time) yesterday evening at Trilogy Games. I played his Judwan team earlier in the League schedule with my Forge Fathers and while Lair did win it wasn’t a Landslide for his team. In fact that game was the only win in the League for him that wasn’t a Landslide.

Our first game, with the Dark Star Cowboys, was over in six rushes. When I had the ball, Lair stole it and scored and when he had the ball he scored. Needless to say, none of the Dark Star Cowboys had the opportunity to get any experience.

Smashing Dreadball victory

Charles and I met up for a sixth round game for our local Dreadball league. Due to a player having to leave due to some scheduling conflicts, I took over one of the Corporation teams and this was my first game using them. Prior to this game, Charles’ Robot team was undefeated and I, as the Forge Fathers, was winless.


Dynamix Ironmen v. Humanos Megacorp

Rick came over today and we sat down and played our Round 5 game for the local Dreadball League. Prior to the beginning of the match both teams were quite evenly matched with only a single point of team value difference. Despite that Rick has a much better record than me. Rounds 1-4 saw me without a win and my redeeming point was the lack of a landslide loss. Sadly that record wouldn’t survive the evening.


Etherian Horde v. Dynamic Ironmen

Round 4 of our local Dreadball League continued today with my away game against Charles’ Robot team. Charles came into the game with 2 wins and a landslide and I my three loss streak. My game plan against Charles’ team was to try to take advantage of his lack of numbers and remove some players from the field and then try to put a few strikes in.

Sadly the game went according to plan but it went according to both of our plans. I managed to end the game with only one of Charles’ robots on the field but he also won the game by 2 points. Once again I really had a problem trying to retain control of the ball. I managed to keep the field clear for my Strikers but once they got the ball they were knocked down and lost the ball.

Dreadball Exhibition match

Rick, Rob and I were all at Sentry Box last night for some Dreadball fun. Rick and I were supposed to be playing IHMN but Rick grabbed the wrong miniature case. Must be the signs of some form of age-related senility creeping in.

While we were waiting for Rob to finish playing some odd, niche, game that involved far too many miniatures (Warmachine I think he called it :-) Rick and I played an exhibition game as part of our Dreadball league.



Cosmic Boom v. Dynamic Ironmen

Lair was kind enough to come over and play our second round game in our local Dreadball League.

The game ended with a five point advantage to Lair but that was really only due to him missing an easy three point Strike early in the game and then having his players decide that they were Asterians and drop to the floor whenever they tried to dodge. At one point he had two players down in my three point Strike zone.


That isn’t something you see often. Especially since those Judewan fell trying to Evade from my Jack.

More Future Combat gaming

Rick and I met up last night at Myth Games to play a 1717 point game of Victory Decision Future Combat using the set of army lists that I built up previously. We played the Advance! scenario but I left out the Night rules for the first turn as this was Rick’s first game.

Back at painting

After a few days break due to some painful joints I was back at the painting table tonight trying to get some more work done on my Dagonite cult and Plague figures.

Originally my intention was to do the plague skin by applying a straight wash of Baby Poo brown from Secret Weapon. For whatever reason I wasn’t getting the coverage with the wash that I wanted so I have gone back and applied the Vallejo Basic Skintone to the skin areas. Once that is dry I will do a wash and then highlight from there.

While I had the skintone paint out I did the skin on the human cultists for my Dagonite cult and then used some Black Grey to do all the weapons for the cult and the Plague troopers.

I still have no idea what I am going to do with the larger plague models. I might just do an entire basecoat of the basic skintone and a wash and then highlight the bone plating.

I also started doing the tentacles on the Deep One. I’m even more impressed with the sculpt after painting it as it appears that the monster is nothing but tentacles under his carapace and armour. Very creepy :-)

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