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Rebasing 15mm figures

The big task this weekend was to rebase some Battlefront US Airborne figures to make them easier to use with the Battleground rules. Flames of War uses a slightly ahistorical squad size for their armies. The Airborne figures are based in two stand squads with four figures per base and an MG team on one of the bases. This makes for an eight model squad with no distinct MG team. Battleground has the US Airborne deployed in nine man squads with a 3 man MG team.

So in order to get the Battlefront plastic US Airborne figures to work I needed to create five and four man rifle teams and three man MG teams. This required me to cut figures from some of the teams and then glue them to other bases. Not really difficult work but it took some time.

I should still be able to use the figures for Flames of War because it really seems as if the issue isn’t the correct number of models on a base but that the base is identifiable as a squad of troops.

As part of the process I had to chip away some of the sand from the bases so I will need to go back and rebase them prior to painting.

Bolt Action demo game

Palmer dropped by the house today and we had a small, 500 pt, game of Bolt Action using my mostly unpainted Germans against Palmer’s US troops.

We played on my dining room table. I put a piece of cardboard from our heater on the table to make it a 4′ x 5′ area. Not big enough for a full game but certainly good enough for a 500pt game.

The table

The gaming matt and buildings are mine but Palmer brought along some roads that me had made from some roofing tiles. Very nicely made and they certainly added to the look of the table even if they didn’t get any actual use. (more…)

15mm Wehrmacht basing

I’ve been thinking about how to base 15mm figures for Battlegroup. I have some 15mm US Airborne based using Flames of War bases and they look good but they are not really well suited for Battlegroup unless you want to have dice tracking wounds. This isn’t onerous but I was hoping to find a better solution.

Parcel in, miniatures out

My parcel from North Star Figures arrived today containing some Bolt Action/Chain of Command German figures as well as a pack of French Foreign Legion command figures for my IHMN company.

For my WWII German force I picked up an leIG 18 Infantry Gun, an 81mm mortar team and a pack of Panzerfaust/Panzerschrek figures from Artizan. All of the German minis were plagued by some serious flash which is a first for me for miniatures from Artizan. As well I had to try to figure out how the leIG 18 went together. It was obvious after fiddling with the parts for a bit but after being spoiled by PSC and Zveda with their numerous build instructions it was a bit disconcerting having to puzzle the model together.

I’ve left the leIG 18 gun assembled but not included on the base with the team to make it easier to paint both it and the infantry miniatures. That will also make it easier to sand the base and get it decorated before putting the gun back on.

Everything is assembled and based now and is just waiting to have some sane put on the bases and then primed. The weather took a turn for the worse recently with temperatures dropping below -10 again so I will have to wait a bit for a chance to prime the miniatures I have waiting to paint.

Soviets slowly getting painted

I managed to do a bit more work on my 28mm WWII Soviet figures this evening. I suspect that trying to paint 40+ infantry in one go was probably a bad idea and I will, in the future work on single squads and teams. The painting in large batches is a holdover from my past when I was able to sit and paint for more than 30 minutes at a time and its not really appropriate to my current situation.

Once the infantry are done I suspect that I will attempt to do a squad of late war German troops and then add some individual gun teams for each force. I have several Soviet teams assembled and primed and I have some 28mm Bolt Action and Artizan WWII Germans on order to expand the German force.

Battlegroup acquired

Battlegroup: Fall of the ReichToday was a fortuitous day. I managed to pick up some extra cash and while wandering though the military section at Sentry Box noticed that they had a copy of Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich. I grabbed it and thought to myself that it would be great if they had the rule booklet as well. Happily it turned out that they did and so I snagged them both.

I’ll be playing these rules in 15mm and using my 28mm figs for Chain of Command and Bolt Action.

More assembly

My joints have been really bugging me of late so I haven’t been doing any painting. As odd as it might seem, painting is the worst thing for my joints so if I have any residual joint pain I tend to avoid painting. You can’t spell “paint” without “pain” :-) Thankfully I have a lot of figures to assemble and get ready for when I can paint so that is what I did today.

One of the tasks that I have been working on is assembling the figures from the Super Dungeon Explore core game. The twins are going to be helping me paint them and I finally got the last of them cleaned and assembled. The girls helped assemble the two Ogre figures and were quite pleased with themselves.

Painting Soviets

Today turned out to be a fairly busy day as I managed to finish basing my Soviet support weapons (AT gun, infantry gun, two AT Rifles and two mortars) and also did some painting on two of the four Soviet infantry formations I am working on. I did the skin, helmets and blankets/bags on 22 figures. its going fast enough that I might just try to do all the Soviet infantry at the same time.

Chain of Command videos

While digging around on the interweb I came across some videos for a platoon level WWII game from Too Fat Lardies called Chain of Command. The rules use a very interesting game sequence that determines who activates, what you can activate and when turns end. The company posted several videos to YuoTube explaining how the game operates

I found the videos on the Gaming with TooFatLardies blog which has some AARs and other articles about the game.

The videos that demonstrate the game turn can seem a bit like Arnold Rimmer recounting a tale of Risk exploits since those three videos only focus on the command elements of the turn. What is interesting though is how the narrative of the game develops. Its quite unlike any other ruleset I have seen and results in a game that is quite unlike any I’ve seen outside of ASL.

Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a more historical and realistic WWII game experience.

Priming Soviets

Its a somewhat warm day today (above zero at least) so I have 64 28mm Soviet figures in the garage getting primed. The primer will also be the basecoat so I can get some of these figures painted in something approaching a realistic timeframe. I am using one of the Battlefront khaki primers. It isn’t exactly the khaki grey that I need for the Soviet Summer uniforms but it is close enough and I will be applying some khaki grey highlights to get the colour onto the figures.

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