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More Malifaux thoughts

I am probably going to quickly bore most people with my incessant nattering about Malifaux but I have to say that it has been quite some time since I was this excited about a game.

I did a quick demo of the game for a few people at Great White last night and have also been spending a bit more time reading through the rules and contemplating the game in general. So here are a few other things that I really like about the system and that have me excited to play it again.

Out with the Ortegas – Round 2

Another Saturday and another game of Malifaux using my Ortega crew. Brett was once again happy to throw down with me at Myth Games and this time we used the Strategies and Schemes to help flesh the game out. I played the Ortegas again as they are a fairly straightforward crew and I wanted to explore the rules a bit more and not have to be distracted by learning a new set of units. Brett took the opportunity to play a game using a new Leviticus crew and I think it was the first time he had used the crew.

Out with the Ortegas – a short review of Malifaux


I took my Malifaux Ortega crew to Myth Games yesterday to have my first game of Malifaux. Brett was kind enough to run me through the game and was using his Nocodem Ressurectionist crew. We played a 30 Soulstone game which gave me enough points to take all the Ortegas from the starter set as well as the Enslaved Nephilim totem for Perdita and a few extra Soulstones to use in the game.

I didn’t take any photos of the game as I was trying to concentrate on playing and learning the rules. I am going to write this as a bit of a rambling mini-review and exploration of the game so this will be a touch long. I have also only played a game so take my comments on the rules with a touch of salt. :-)

Uncharted Seas surprise

While I was getting the first of my new Uncharted Seas Iron Dwarf vessels prepped I noticed that all of the new vessels appear to have been sculpted in 3D and created out of a newer resin that the older vessels. As a result they look much crisper and have a lot more detail in them than the previous figures.

Nice to see that Spartan’s first game is benefitting from the advances they have made for Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars.

New Pulp Figures minis arrive

The trip to the mailbox today brought a package from Pulp Figures. I recently ordered the Evil Hooded Minions 2, The Boys in Blue 2 and Doc Thompson & his Fabulous Four.

The Hooded Minions will be painted up to match my Artizan Designs Cultists, the Police will join the Brigade Games Police figures I am painting for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten and the Doc Thompson figures will make excellent Threshold agents for Strange Aeons. Doc Savage is the epitome of what a Threshold team is all about and it will be fun to come up with some stats for them.

The figures are to the usual standard of figures from Bob Murch. Crisp casts, very little flash and next to no mould lines. Bob excels at creating character driven figures and these are all great examples. I’m looking forward to getting these painted and on the table for some game.

Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten

Its Tuesday so that meant it was time to head to Great White to play some Strange Aeons. This evening I was able to get in a game of the Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten rules. For those not aware of them they are a set of rules that Mike is developing to work with his Strange Aeons rules. You can download them from his website and offer feedback on the rules and test them out.

Unlike Strange Aeons which pits the forces of good against the forces of evil, Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten pits cults of evildoers against one another to fight for loot, infamy, the favour of the Elder Gods and territory. Mike played his Death Cult, lead by a Mummy, against my cult of Dagonites.

Mike's Death Cult


Threshold victory!

Last Tuesday’s night of Strange Aeons gaming at Great White was punctuated with that most rare of occasions, me winning a game with my Threshold crew. I managed to get in two sets of games, two games with my Threshold list and two playing Lurkers. My first Lurker game was played using a Rogue Threshold Character and two Henchmen. Sadly that game ended quickly as the Threshold team they were up against was only two models but still 19 points. The character had Lightning Reflexes and Crackshot and was easily able to take out my Henchmen and then the Rogue Character. I really should have gone with a less expensive model since the main benefit of the Rogue Character is his access to the new gadgets and weapons. WIthout them he is just an expensive leader.

Battlewagon assembled

It sill needs a lot of paint but my Battlewagon is assembled and ready to use for tomorrow’s 40K games.

I still have one more Shoota turret that also goes with the Battlewagon as well as a Lobba. The roof and the turret attachment are not glued on so I can use the Battlewagon in other configurations.


Strange Aeons insanity

Tonight was Strange Aeons night at Great White and I managed to get in two games, one as the Lurkers against Kyle and a second against Conner using my new Threshold List. While my game against Kyle was fun, the game against Conner was insane in a very inspired sense.

We played the “Fight” scenario and Conner picked a very gun heavy band of Cultists to take on my newly created Threshold team. Things went south rather quickly as I lost one Agent and then lost my Character to a charging Cultist. My single remaining Agent failed his “Last Man Standing” roll and he frenzied charging at a High Priest and a Cultist with a .30 cal. The Frenzy move left him with charge range of the Cultist who was unarmed. This gave my agent a free wound which knocked the Cultist Face Down and meant that he was removed with a major injury. The High Priest failed his Resolve test and passed out.

Sadly this still left Conner one Cultist to activate who stepped from behind a wall and rolled three 1s with his Tommy Gun. Clearly he used the rest of his ammo taking out my Character :-) with the High Priest down it was a simple matter to charge and take him out making the last Cultist with the highly inaccurate gun to make a Last Man Standing” roll which he failed. He ran but sadly it was towards my Agent who then charged and took the final Cultist out.

What should have been a total rout ended up as a win. A totally phyrric victory mind you as my Character suffered a Major Wound and ended up Dead.

Still, it was an incredible game and I can’t wait to play again next week.

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