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The second secret of comedy

Warning: Nothing gaming related about this post at all.

Recently a twitter dialogue with Eric Idle reminded me of an incident in my youth in which I was lucky enough to meet Neil Innes. For those not familiar with him, he is a performer who worked with Monty Python in the late 60s and early 70s. for some reason, which I am at a loss to understand, Neil actually appeared as a special guest at my high-school when I was in grade 9. What desperate circumstances lead him to be travelling in Northern BC lecturing on satire to high-school students I was never able to discern but, luckily for me, appear he did and my English class was privileged to listen to him.

The perspective that distance brings

Its not as if I have been away from Games Workshop and its unique pricing structure for a long time but I recently stumbled across the latest 40K Dark Angel releases at Sentry Box and I was really quite taken aback by the prices. A box of the new plastic Terminators was $70 Cnd for five miniatures. To be fair that box does come with the ability to make one of three different types of Terminators but it, as well as the prices for the other new figures really surprised me.

Army Builder released for the Mac

Great news. Wolf Lair have released the beta for a Mac version of Army Builder. And it appears to be entirely stable and reads the existing AB files without a hitch. I’m working on a 40K Eldar list right now.

Bad news. It looks exactly like the PC version.

My Eyes!

I am sure that there is a technical reason why they had to do this (keeping the code as consistent as possible across platforms jumps to mind immediately) but I thought that the app looked like junk on the PC so the transfer of the UI to the make is a bit saddening.

Still. I can make Epic: Armageddon army lists on my Mac now as well as 40K lists so I am a happy guy.

Moving along with the moving

Well its been a bust few days here but there has been next to no real hobby activity. We’ve been working on packing the contents of our current house up and getting it ready to ship to the new house.

Its an odd feeling being a home-owner. I now have to fix the darned house when it breaks and there is going to be a lot of household tasks in my future that I’ve never had to do before. The location and the house are worth the effort though and its charming as hell to see just how happy this makes Michelle. Thats worth it on its own.

We also have a new fridge and range thanks to a generous gift from my mother. I’ve never lived anywhere that has had a new stove or fridge. Its a strange feeling really.

The hobby room is mostly packed. I hope to finish it tonight and then start on the rest of the house. I have a huge pile of boxes and next to it is a smaller pile of miniature cases and a box that contains the figures that I will be transporting by hand. Forge World Epic Ork minis are not something I want crushed by movers.

It is going to be exciting to have my table and terrain accessible again and it looks as if I will have to put together some more Epic terrain so I can start running Epic games at home as well.


The one constant in 2011 was change. We moved cities, I attempted to change games, my painting area moved locations in the house and the twins continue to change and evolve and make different demands on my time. A year ago they required a lot more direct interaction and now they happily play on their own leaving me time to read.

Typically this is the time of the year when one makes resolutions for the coming year but with another move, to a new home in Calgary, with the resultant chaos that brings I think it would be pointless to make any. Instead I want to talk about my intentions and desires for the year.

What an odd year

This had to really be one of the stranger years I’ve had. After living in Vancouver for over twenty years, Michelle got a job in Calgary and the family packed up and moved. As part of that move I sold and gave away quite a lot of gaming material, terrain and figures. I also sold off all of my Warmachine and Hordes figures including my rather sizable Cryx force. I still rather regret that since it was a fun faction and I had over 100 points of painted figures.

The end of free time

So there have been a few changes here recently that may have a bit of a serious impact on my free time.

I recently picked up a new(ish) MacBook Pro and it comes with a Boot Camp partition with Windows on it. The machine is much faster than my MacBook with a larger screen as well but the Windows partition means that I can boot into Windows 7 natively and run things like League of Legends and Blood Bowl Legendary edition.

Who knows if I’ll like League of Legends but I do know that I will like Blood Bowl a lot. I used to play it on my crappy Compaq laptop and this version has more teams and runs better than it did on my Compaq.

I may be in trouble.

Busy gaming schedule

Well busy for me that is. This weekend is the Malifaux tournament at MythCon 2. I don’t suspect that there will be a lot of people competing at it but it will be a fun evening in any case and I should be able to get in three or four games of Malifaux.

The week after will be the regular Thursday night Warhammer night at Myth. I am hoping to have at least one Great Eagle to put into my army by then but I am not optimistic about getting one.

I am going to bring out my Phoenix Guard for the next game. I’ve had two games in a row now where I could have used their 4+ Ward Save to help fight against something big and nasty. They are, aside from the Dragon Princes, the hardiest of the High Ef troops and a good candidate to help take out the monsters that pop up quite frequently in the game.

Following that is the Skirmish Demo Day at Myth Games where there will be Malifaux demos aplenty (one hopes).

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