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A pun involving Noh

I did a trade on Bartertown recently for some miniatures and my part of the deal was a set of Noh miniatures for Relic Knights. When I picked up my initial figures from Dallas I really wanted the Noh set he had but he also had an eye on them so I went wanting. Happily I found what appears to be a Kickstarter set on Bartertown and the mailman dropped it yesterday.

Noh room left on the table

The package consists of

  • Noh Faction Starter Set
  • Beastmaster
  • Hounds of Nozuki
  • Serpent Priestess
  • Kasaro To
  • Marikan To
  • Darkspace Rin Farrah
  • Render
  • Hyojin Berzerkers

And I also now finally have a boost pack. No Mamaro To oddly enough but I have more than enough to assemble and paint so I doubt I’ll miss him.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

 Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

I have an interesting relationship with RPGs. I used to play them a lot when I was in university but once I left I really got out of the habit. Despite an interest in them, especially the idea of world-building, the rules really leave me cold and the general amount of energy and time that you need to put in to them seems, to me, to be disproportionate to the amount of fun you get back.

That said, I also spend insane amounts of time building and painting miniatures and terrain for my games so…


I also am interested in RPGs because I know that Michelle likes them and I am always on the lookout for a game that both of us can play. Those are few and far between though so I was quite happy that I was able to finally pick up a copy of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Warhammer Diskwars overview


Today was a Marvel Dicemasters event at the store and even though I wasn’t playing I was helping run it for Sentry Box. While I was there I asked Bill to come down and introduce me to the Warhammer Diskwars game from Fantasy Flight.

Diskwars is a product that I was intrigued by when it was first announced but I passed it by during its initial releases. The reason was that the promotional material that FFG released made it look very character focused and less about troops and war machines. It wasn’t until the release of the second expansion, adding the Vampire Counts and a smattering of Skaven and Dark Elves, that I was able to see that it was more troop oriented and had a very good range of units and factions.

Rivet Wars Mega Battle

Aircraft Ho!

Today was the Rivet Wars Mega Battle at Sentry Box. I recently got my Wave 2 shipment from CMoN and decided to use it as an opportunity to try out all the new units and also put on a big battle to show off all the new units.

There wasn’t any real scenario involved. I just put down as many of the tiles as I could and then dropped down some objective and other terrain. Despite having the extra tile set I could have easily used another three tiles to add even more terrain. I placed a Zuzzy rubber terrain mat on the table, which was happily just wide enough for three tiles, to keep them in place during the game and it worked wonderfully. I had two sets of cards so each team had their own Action and Secret Mission cards.

Relic Knights “test”

The tableAfter an extensive delay I finally got a chance to drag out my recently acquired Relic Knights figures and try out the game. I had my Shattered Sword starter set and a Cerci Speed Circuit force that consisted of Suicide Queen, a Pacer and two small units of Hell’s Belles.

It wasn’t a full game and to keep things simple I didn’t add the objectives but we did get to try a few turns, try out a few combats and get a general feel for the game.

An update

So its been a while since I posted and also a while since I was able to game regularly. I’ve picked up some evening shifts at Sentry Box as well as doing demos for the store so my available free time has been cut rather dramatically. I have been doing a bit of painting and recently finished five Chaos Dwarfs, nine Hobgoblins and an Ogre. I have some High Elf figures that I am in the midst of painting and will post some photos once I get them based.

I have been reading the Federation Commander rulebook and the Tactics Manual a fair bit. I am hoping to play the game more and so I’m trying to make sure that I have the rules down and also have a better grasp of the basic tactics for the game.

Finally, my Wave 2 shipment of Rivet Wars figures came in recently so I spent a bit of time unpacking and organizing it. I’m planning on running a “mega battle” at Sentry Box using the additional tiles I bought and as many of the figures as I can. The idea being to have a day long battle running that people can drop in and out of.

Michelle and I also managed to play a few games of Ascension. I think she was actually surprised by how much she liked it. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab the full game, we’re using the Apprentice Set, and have a few more games of it as I rather like the game and Michelle doesn’t seem to mind it.

Lyrans v.Kzintis

Its been some time since I was able to get a game of any type in so I was happy that Stad was able to come over and have a game of Federation Commander. Its been some time since Stad has played and I have only had a few games in recently so we were both a little slow with our decisions and play. We had a 300 point game and I played Lyrans to Stad’s Kzinti. I ran a Heavy Cruiser, Destroyer and Frigate while Stad had a Medium Cruiser and two Frigates. His force was able to generate, as you would expect, an enormous number of drones while I had four ESGs spread over the three vessels. My immediate idea was to use the cruiser to cover the two smaller vessels and use its additional ESG to take out drones. That worked for the first two turns but once my formation broke after my initial attack run my smaller craft were overcome.

Star Realms

Star RealmsWhile I like board games I am not as big a fan of the genre as some people. When I do play a board game I tend to play games with cards in them and this makes me a bit of a fan of deck-building games like Ascension, Marvel Legendary and the like. That said, I’ve never really seen the appeal of Dominion.

Quite some time ago I saw Star Realms but before I could make my mind up about buying it it was sold out and has remained so since then. Luckily it came out for the iPad so I have been able to play it digitally and play it I have. I am, as of this writing, playing my 99th game and despite that apparent wealth of experience I have hit a plateau in my gameplay that has me stuck on on the same “level” of multiplayer ranking for the better part of two weeks.

Another disgusting hobby habit

Well I finally figured out the secret to working with green stuff. Apparently the simplest thing to do is keep your tool “slick” by putting water on it or, as you would expect with painters, licking it.

Is it possible to have a hobby that doesn’t involve licking or putting tools in your mouth? ;-)

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