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Website administration services

Website maintenance and updating is an important task that often gets overlooked in the day-to-day hustle of running a business. And these tasks can often snowball over the course of a few months until there is an enormous amount of work to be done. Online tools such as SMF, phpBB, WordPress and others make it easy for companies to create very robust and functional websites but these systems require updates, patches and other tweaks to keep them running and keep them secure.

The internet is also host to numerous types of social media that can seem daunting to use but with the correct tools its is quite easy to leverage your existing CMS system to post to Twitter, Facebook and even Google+. Post once and publish in multiple systems. All of this takes time and experience with the tools and this is what I can offer.

I have been creating websites using custom CMS code and open source solutions for more than 15 years. In that time I have built multi-lingual websites, custom training sites and deployed and maintained numerous sites using content management systems such as WordPress. I have also written custom solutions for clients using tools such as WordPress and also integrated multiple systems to share data from forums, websites and social media.

I can help keep your website and forums running smoothly, keep them up to date and secure and also help work with you to expand your site to create a unique solution that fits your needs and fits your budget.

Services provided

  • WordPress administration, theming and maintenance
  • SMF and phpBB administration and maintenance
  • SMF theming
  • XCart and OSCommerce administration and maintenance
  • XCart theming
  • Plugin updates and installation
  • Custom code creation for XCart, SMF and WordPress
  • Social media integration
  • Custom Javascript and Jquery code creation
  • Porting data and content across platforms
  • CSS coding and updates

Clients have included

Baccus 6mm

  • Integrating the Nopcart Javascript e-commerce code into their existing site and also into a WordPress powered website
  • Helped fix their Goldmine gallery system after it was hacked by spammers

Wyrd Miniatures

  • Updating their XCart system to include new status codes
  • Added conditional code to their Checkout page when they were away at trade shows

Catalyst Game Labs

  • Created the theme and content structure for the Battletech blog
  • Ported their OSCommerce website to XCart
  • Created a custom theme for their new online store

Arcane Wonders

  • Ported their Joomla and Kunena powered cms and forum to WordPress and SMF
  • Created a custom JQuery powered tool to build spellbooks for their Mage Wars strategy board game

I work on an hourly rate but I also offer a monthly subscription package, for $39.99 US, that includes four hours of work a month. This is more than enough time to keep your site(s) running smoothly and also include time for CSS tweaks, theme updates or the installation of new tools. Any addition time, once approved, will be billed at my normal hourly rate. Larger projects can also be priced at an hourly or fixed price depending on the scope of the project.

Want more information? Then please feel free to contact me.

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