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Change of painting schedule

So when I started on my 28mm painting extravaganza I started out painting a Soviet force based on the army choices made by some local players. Since then I have played almost exclusively against American forces and so my painting efforts were not leading to getting painted miniatures on the table.

So now that I have most of my WWII German force assembled and primed I will, grudgingly, putting my Soviets aside to start to paint some Germans. I would have liked to finish the Soviets up but I don’t have that sort of time available to me and the goal really is to get a painted force done.

So I will be working on getting a squad of 28mm Germans done and then I will start alternating 28mm and 15mm figures. Squads and teams for the 28mm figs and then formations of figures for use in Battlegroup.

Hopefully that will let me get some painted figures on the table.

More sanding and basing

I finished up resanding the bases of some of the 15mm US Airborne that I rebased the other day. I also sanded quite a few of the 15mm Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company German troops. So this morning it was back at basing and I added another platoon of German riflemen and some more support weapons. I still need to assemble and base some mortars and HMG/MMG teams but once I do that I should have more than enough 15mm German troops.

15mm Wehrmacht basing

I’ve been thinking about how to base 15mm figures for Battlegroup. I have some 15mm US Airborne based using Flames of War bases and they look good but they are not really well suited for Battlegroup unless you want to have dice tracking wounds. This isn’t onerous but I was hoping to find a better solution.

Battlegroup acquired

Battlegroup: Fall of the ReichToday was a fortuitous day. I managed to pick up some extra cash and while wandering though the military section at Sentry Box noticed that they had a copy of Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich. I grabbed it and thought to myself that it would be great if they had the rule booklet as well. Happily it turned out that they did and so I snagged them both.

I’ll be playing these rules in 15mm and using my 28mm figs for Chain of Command and Bolt Action.

Titan Marines ready to prime

I spent a few moments this evening putting sand on the bases of the 30+ Rebel Minis Titan Marine figures I glued down to some bases last night. If the weather is better tomorrow I will finish priming them and then start painting.

There are four full squads for Gruntz as well as a command and medic stand and a few support weapons. I think that is more than enough figures to start with for a Gruntz game. I also have some tanks as well as two APCs that I will be priming tomorrow as well.

I am not sure what colours I will use for the vehicles but the Titan Marines are being primed in red with P3 Coal Black armour plates. I have a few test models already painted and I don’t think it will take too long to finish a few squads and get them ready to game with.

Once the Titan Marines are done I will start work on the Scourge. They will be quite easy to paint as I will be dry brushing them all. Black primer and then a few quick metal layers of dry brushing and they will be good to go.

Bases for Gruntz

So I picked up a copy of the Gruntz 15mm rules the other day and was quite impress with them. I have been looking for a set of 15mm sci-fi rules for a while and these seem to be quite fun. The rules have alternating activation which is a must for me and it also has optional rules for basing multiple figures on a single base.

I am not sure why but the idea of singly based 15mm figures doesn’t really do anything for me and so I went looking for some Flames of War bases to assemble my minis. Sadly my local store wasn’t very well stocked with the conventional FoW bases but happily they had the new plastic FoW rubble bases in stock and so I picked up two sets of them. They are the standard small and medium sized bases but with sculpted rubble and debris on them. The bases also come with inserts that you can use to fill in the holes on the bases allowing you to put four models on a medium base and two or fewer on the small bases.

I’ve pulled out some of the Rebel Minis Titan Marines and will do some tests with em to see how they fit and look in the bases.

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