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Bolt Action: Top Secret

Palmer and I met up at Sentry Box to play a 750pt Bolt Action game. I was hoping to have my StuG G at least primed and assembled for the game but was unable to get out to get some Dunkel Gelb primer. The Warlord StuG I picked up really needs to have the parts primed prior to any assembly so that meant the vehicle was AWOL for this game.

Instead I took some additional infantry, artillery observer, a spotter for my Medium Mortar team and a sniper. Palmer’s force was very similar to the last game with the addition of a Forward Air Observer, Light Mortar team and an armoured car.

Instead of the ruined French village terrain we used previously, I pulled out the farm terrain I had as well as the new hedge terrain pieces I picked up. It meant a bit more terrain on the table but not a lot more and certainly not as much as I would want for a larger game.


Change of painting schedule

So when I started on my 28mm painting extravaganza I started out painting a Soviet force based on the army choices made by some local players. Since then I have played almost exclusively against American forces and so my painting efforts were not leading to getting painted miniatures on the table.

So now that I have most of my WWII German force assembled and primed I will, grudgingly, putting my Soviets aside to start to paint some Germans. I would have liked to finish the Soviets up but I don’t have that sort of time available to me and the goal really is to get a painted force done.

So I will be working on getting a squad of 28mm Germans done and then I will start alternating 28mm and 15mm figures. Squads and teams for the 28mm figs and then formations of figures for use in Battlegroup.

Hopefully that will let me get some painted figures on the table.

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