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Even more incoming

Another day and another set of miniatures. First off are the Deep One Hybrids from Brigade Games.


The miniatures were created by/for Rattrap Productions and are part of the series of Rattrap figures that Brigade sells. They are, to my eye, the best 28mm scale Hybrid figures available and are going to be part of my Dagonite cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.

Also arriving today was a set of the plastic Chaos figures from the 40K Dark Vengeance set. I have some random Chaos Space Marines around and decided to use them to build a small force for Victory Decision: Future Combat. Its effectively going to be a Chaos army but the core is going to be 40 Chaos Cultists with a sprinkling of Chaos Space Marines to stiffen it up.

Not an immediate project but something I will be working on in a bit.

The perspective that distance brings

Its not as if I have been away from Games Workshop and its unique pricing structure for a long time but I recently stumbled across the latest 40K Dark Angel releases at Sentry Box and I was really quite taken aback by the prices. A box of the new plastic Terminators was $70 Cnd for five miniatures. To be fair that box does come with the ability to make one of three different types of Terminators but it, as well as the prices for the other new figures really surprised me.

Terrain and Marines on the painting table

I had a bit of free time last night so I took the time to start sanding the Epic terrain I assembled for the upcoming EpicCon 2012 tournament. All the pieces now need to be primed and then the assembly line painting of buildings and ground begins. I am not sure how many other pieces I will get done but I do need to find a source for some 6-10mm trees that I can use to build up some trees for forest terrain. I probably need to pick those up this weekend if I have any hopes of getting them done for the tournament.

I also did a bit more work on my Sine Nomine Tactical Marines. A few more highlights and they should be ready to get based and game with. Sadly in the intervening time since my last big painting push in 2012 my skills have atrophied and my arthritis has become more problematic so these figs aren’t really up to my previous painting standards. But at least they all be painted :-)

Sine Nomine

I have had a problem for a long time. Not a bad problem to have mind you but a problem nonetheless. Quite a long time ago I purchased some 40K figures from a fellow in Vancouver. I was able to sell all of the Imperial Guard miniatures but the Space Marines he had presented a conundrum. The vehicles were professionally painted to a standard I could never match but the infantry were very poorly painted using a very simple green colour scheme. I managed to salvage some of the Terminators but the rest of the models were unusable.

I stripped some of them but was left with a Marine army that I couldn’t really use without painting a lot of infantry. I also couldn’t sell the vehicles since they were done in a non-standard paint scheme. Complicating matters, I already had a small force of my own that I had painted that I was quite fond of.

So what to do.

Marine painting update

Managed to get some more work done on my Marine army. All of my green Tactical Marines now have a second coat of Gretchin green on them. I will start doing the black details on the figures and then finish some of the faces, banners etc. I hope to have these done for the end of August.

I also finished assembling, basing and priming my Assault Marines. These are ready to go into a game but I have a unit of March Warden Devastators that I need to paint before I will be painting them. The current idea is to finish the green Tactical Marines and then the Devastators and finally the Assault Marines.

While building some larger army lists I realized that I need to add a Fast Attack option or two to my forces. I don’t have any Bikes, Land Speeders or other vehicles that I can add to an army. I have a lot of Heavy Support options (Vindicator, Predators, Whirlwinds) but nothing else to add if I need to bulk out an army.

Assault Chaplain

ChaplainWhile I was out getting my 6th Edition dice sets I picked up the Finecast Space Marine Chaplain with Jump Pack to use with my Assault Marines. I finished assembling and putting sand on the bases and was ready to prime them. I think that the unit will benefit from a Chaplain and this model looks very nice.

Detail is pretty standard for the Finecast range. The arm with the bolt pistol seems to lack detail on the outer surface. Almost looks out of focus if that makes any sense. The arm also had attachment points on the edge of the shoulder guard which meant that some of the detail got lost in when I trimmed them off.

All of my HQ units are put on 40mm bases to make them immediately apparent during a game and also to allow for some more interesting looking basing options. I have some of the excellent Secret Weapon Miniatures urban rubble bases that I wanted to use for this model but sadly it comes with a small piece of rubble terrain that the Chaplain is standing on. Happily, since the model is resin, that piece just snapped off and I was able to pin the Chaplain to make him look as if he is launching himself off of some of the rubble on the base. I doubt that I would have been able to do this if the figure was metal. Not only would it have been a pain to remove the rubble on his feet but I don’t know that I could have balanced the figure on the base with a metal mini.

Look! Up in the sky!

On the table being built this evening is a unit of ten Assault Marines. I have a game on Thursday and I want to not only expand my army but also try out launching Assault troops from a Land Raider Crusader. A squad of seven Assault Marines and a Chaplain with Jump Pack would be a fun parcel to unload after strafing a unit with Melta fire and the Heavy Bolters from the Crusader. The change in the Jump Pack rules mean that if you want to use the Jump Packs in a charge that you can’t have used them in the movement phase. So the simplest way to get your Assault Marines 12″ across the table is to transport them (6″ move from the transport vehicle and then a 6″ deployment move from the troops). Using a Land Raider means that you can assault but also lets you use the front assault ramp to ensure that you get as close to your target as possible.

Deep Strike is always an option but after seeing my opponent miss two turns of activity with his Vangaurd Veterans I’d rather have something more certain that a 1 in three chance to miss deploying followed by a possible scatter and potential Deep Strike mishap. Besides, I like the idea of having Jump Pack troops launching into the air after storming out of a Land Raider. Seems rather cinematic.

First 6th Edition game

Today was going to be our day to try out the new 40K Sixth Edition rules but as it turns out I was the only one of our group to show up. Happily though I managed to get in a game with one of the other 40K gamers there, Jerry. I had only brought troops for the 1000pt lists that we were going to try and Jerry was happy to build a list to that level.

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