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Updated UNA test list

After some discussion on the Lead Adventure forum, I made some updates to my UNA test list for my upcoming Victory Decision: Future Combat game. The point cost of the Laserguns has been officially set at 40 points and Achilles on the LA forum also suggested only giving the Tacarms a single Lasergun and Advanced Targeting. Mostly to avoid having a single HP model be such an enormous point sink.

That left me with a few points to spend so I added a Laser Assault Gun to the Steel Troopers to make up the points.

UNA Test Force 1632pts

  • HQ 210pts
    • MCS HQ cost 210
  • Steel Troopers 465pts
    • MCS Infantry unit 335
    • Medic 25
    • AT Missile launcher 55
    • Laser Assault Weapon 50
  • Steel Troopers 465pts
    • MCS Infantry unit cost 335
    • Medic 25
    • AT Missile launcher 55
    • Laser Assault Weapon 50
  • Steel Tacarms 492pts
    • Hardshell Combat Suit base cost 440
    • Remove two models -88
    • 3 x Lasergun 120
    • Advanced Targeting 20

AT-43 Future Combat test lists

It has been a quiet few days here at the house and so I took a few minutes to use the army lists in the Future Combat rules to build two forces using my recently acquired AT-43 figures. The Red Blok are clearly meant to be built using the Mid-tech list (it has pictures of them throughout it). The UNA troops don’t look as if they have heavy armour but based on the stats the 4+ save of the MCS Infantry Squad from the High-tech list works well.

I added Medics to all of the infantry units and the Red Blok units have an additional heavy weapon. That still makes the UNA infantry slightly more expensive. Where the lists really depart is when I try to make a unit of Steel Tacarms. The Laser weapons for the models (two each) are very expensive and don’t really fit the specs for the Lasergun that the Tacarms carry. The six Laser Assault Weapons are 300pts for a unit that is only 352 points on its own. There are some laser cannon weapons but they are very powerful, very long range and even more expensive.

Victory Decision: Future Combat released

Future Combat coverA.D. Publishing, producers of a series of WWII and Weird WWII rules, have released a generic sci-fi ruleset called Victory Decision: Future Combat. The rules are currently available as PDF only from Wargame Vault.

The rules are based on their established WWII rules which are quite popular and have had an extensive number of expansions written for them. I’ve not had a chance to try them but but I will be grabbing some AT-43 figures to but them through their paces.

If the rules work well I will be putting in an order to Pig Iron Productions for either their Kolony Militia or Kolony Ferals figures. Or both. If I do decide to pick up the Ferals then I will most assuredly have to check out some of the vehicles from Ramshackle Games as they will fit into the visual esthetic of the Ferals quite well.

Can’t wait to try these out.

Bitz trading day

Today, in addition to being a great day to lose at Dreadball, was the annual Bitz Trading Day at Sentry Box.

This is a yearly event that the store runs where they give over table space in the upper gaming area for people to bring in surplus miniatures and bitz to trade. Luckily I found out about it yesterday and was able to bring along a few random figures from the collection in the game room to trade.

As luck would have it I managed to parlay those minis into quite the sizeable number of figures

  • A box of Wood Elf Glade Guard figures for Songs of Blades and Heroes
  • Some Kobolds, (Hob)Goblins, Mummys and a Griffon from the Bones range (again for SoBH)
  • Man O’ War including the two expansions and a ton of metal miniatures. Sadly no Chaos or Skaven vessels

To be fair the Man O’ War set cost me some cash but given that I walked in with a small box of figures it was a good day.

I also picked up the AT-43 Karmen figures from an earlier trade so I left the store with boxes of miniatures. More than enough to last me for quite some time.


So after some more reading I have decided to start creating stats for the Red Blok and UNA armies from AT-43 to use with the Tomorrow’s War rules. A project that I have decided to call TW-43 for lack of a better name.

I am going to concentrate on infantry stats first as that seems the simplest way to approach the subject. I’ve dug out my AT-43 army books and downloaded the PDFs and I’ll start to write notes and then stat out some troops for a test battle in the next few weeks.

Vehicles will have to wait until I get a bit more experience with the rules and also have a firmer grasp of the core rules. I don’t want to bite off too much at once.

Tomorrow’s War and AT-43

In all this discussion of using 40K figures with Tomorrow’s War I totally forgot the metric ton of AT-43 minis that I have downstairs that are just begging to be used in a game.

Once I have gone through the rules I’ll have to try speccing out a force of Red Blok and UNA and seeing how well they perform with the rules.

AT-43 Apocalypse game

Today was our gigantic 20,000 point, four-player AT-43 game held at Strategies. Myself, Roland (Kamran), Jeff (Red Blok) and Tim (Therian) met for a mammoth game each bringing 5000pts of troops to the table. You can see photos from the game in the gallery for the game.

The game was played using a scenario that we wrote for the occasion.

Painting and basing

Didn’t get a game in this weekend but I did manage to get some painting and basing done. I finished

  • four WotR infantry bases
  • three WotR cavalry bases
  • thirteen Urak-hai pikemen
  • six Urak-hai swordsmen

I also finished rebasing three sets of UNA troops, two UNA vehicles and three Red Blok vehicles. I really just don’t like plain bases.

In addition I started work on a second company of Urak-hai crossbowmen. This weekend will hopefully be a big War of the Rings weekend at Strategies and I am going to push to try to get my 1500pt army ready to go.

First Red Blok game

Zach and I met up at Strategies on Wednesday for a quick game of AT-43. We played a 2000pt game (using the army list I posted earlier) and Zach chewed my army up as if I was firing training rounds. This was my first game with my new Red Blok force and Zach not only has played his Therians a lot but also has played against Red Blok frequently.

Lesson 1: Red Blok troops can’t shoot :-)

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