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So it has been some time since an update so I am going to crunch a month’s worth of info into a single post. What it lacks in depth I hope it makes up for in… well something.

The game that I am playing most is still Warmachine. I have to qualify that somewhat as between summer vacations and a flood raging through the city I probably didn’t play for a month and a half. I did get in game this Thursday against a very nicely painted white and purple Cryx force that took out pNemo in a few turns. My mistake mostly as I left Nemo open and forgot that Mortenbra had the Overrun spell on a Chicken Jack that let it move, just barely, into charge range. Lesson learned.

Skaven triumph in vicious battle

Run! Run! Stab! Stab! continued their home season with a game against those vile pretenders to Skaven glory, the “Rough” Ratters.

24,000 fans with little to do on a late, cold evening showed up for the game. Despite having the home field advantage the Ratters brought more fans. Slaves will be “enrolled” for our next home game. Fearing the vast horror that is the Stabber’s fan favourite Rat Ogre Mr. Fluffy, the Ratters hired their own anemic, sickly Rat Ogre in an attempt to counter Mr. Fluffy’s talent on the field.

The Ratters paid a higher bribe and so “won” the coin toss and elected to receive. Ratter’s fans started the game by tossing a hail of, hopefully, rocks on the field stunning Stankwhisper. In rapid succession the Ratters managed to score two TDs using a very suspicious tactic that involved thronging the sideline and running their cowardly Gutter Runner along the sideline for a TD.

Skaven suit me better

The third season of our local Blood Bowl league is at its half-way point and I have to say that I am enjoying my Skaven team considerably more than my Orks. To be fair I haven’t had the bad luck with injuries that plagued my Orks but the running and passing game that I seem to want to play is a much more tactically sound play style with the Skaven. In fact my Skaven Thrower is number two in the league in terms of completions and I have two players on the top ten TD list.

I also recently added a Rat Ogre to the team. In my last game he spent most of the game in the KO box but really if people are beating on him then they are spending less time beating on my other rats.

The next half of the league is going to be a lot tougher and I suspect that my position in some of the top ten lists for league performance might suffer as I have to play some of the better teams and better coaches next. Including Rob and his team of über skilled Elves who appear to be able to win games 8-0 with only nine or ten players on the field. At least I don’t have any Orks to worry about in the second half.

What an odd turn of events

I was thinking of Gen Con 2012 and what would be presented there and it got me to thinking about the games I currently play and how my gaming habit has changed of late.

There are four games that I currently play and one that I will soon be playing:

  • Epic: Armageddon
  • Blood Bowl
  • Urban War
  • Warmachine
  • Warhammer 40K Second Edition

Notice a pattern? Except for Urban War and Warmachine I am playing games that are over 20 years old (in terms of models or rules). And to be fair my Warmachine playing time has been quite limited recently due to getting ready to play Epic and 40K2. I am beginning to fear that I am turning into one of those “old guys” who only plays games from his youth. In fact the 40K Second Edition rules and models are the version that was current when I was more actively gaming in my youth (hence my visceral and nostalgic reaction to the figures and books).

Its not anything that I am actually worried about but it does make me wonder how much of my previous gaming was based less on my actual desires and more on my exposure to news via TGN and my immersion in all of the new and interesting games coming out or being developed. Since leaving TGN I have reverted to (happily in this case) playing Epic and a series of older GW games and have really lost interest in many of the newer games available.

In any case it is nice that I can find people interested in these games (and in fact our Blood Bowl league is huge) so I can play them once again (or for the first time).

The folly of short-term gain

I’ve never understood Games Workshop’s affection for the Lord of the Rings game. Clearly someone at GW thinks that the license and its accompanying figure range generates enough money to be worth the continued investment but as someone who has spent years covering the gaming industry and as a gamer I have yet to see any concrete evidence that the Lord of the Rings tabletop game and the War of the Ring mass combat game are a success.

One of the efforts at made as part of my tenure at Tabletop Gaming News was a series of monthly polls that asked gamers what they were purchasing and playing. In the months that the polls ran both Middle-Earth games would consistently poll lower than Blood Bowl. A game that GW doesn’t even stock in their own stores. In fact, both LotR and WotR wouldn’t even generate a third of the number of responses that Blood Bowl did. And while Lord of the Rings might have pockets of popularity it certainly doesn’t have the wide range of popularity that Blood Bowl,or even Epic, does. Blood Bowl has fan sites (the ones that GW didn’t threaten with legal action) and magazines, podcasts and a series of international tournaments that bring in amounts that rival some Warhammer Fantasy events. The same is not true for either of the Middle-Earth games.

So the fact that GW is returning to the LoTR game and expanding it with new models and books really has me scratching my head.

Undead photos

Here are two photos of the Zombie and Skeleton figures from my Undead Blood Bowl team.

The skeletons are from one of the Khemri boxed set crew figures. I removed the spears they were carrying and then left them pretty much as they were. The Zombies are Mantic Games Zombies with quick and dirty shoulder pads made from Space Marine shoulder pads.

No idea when I will be painting these as I have to finish the Scotlings and then perhaps make some attempt to paint a few of my Menoth miniatures.

More miniatures on the workbench

I took a quick trip to Sentry Box this morning to spend some of my Xmas/birthday money. I picked up some more figures for my Menoth army, some GW plastics to build a Chaos Blood Bowl team and a limited edition Candy and Cola figure for Super Dungeon Explore. Oddly the entire stock of SDE boxed games were sold out but for some reason they still had a Candy and Cola blister available. I suspect that perhaps the news about the mini didn’t get out as much as the general news about the game.

For Warmachine I picked up a metal Kreoss figure, Severius and a Reclaimer. I also grabbed the last blister of Flame Guard figures for a full unit. I only have two more Secret Weapon bases left so those will be reserved for the Reclaimer and Severius.

Once the Scotlings are painted I will start to assemble the Chaos team. I actually have a set of metal figures but I really like the plastic Beastmen and Chaos Warrior figures and happily Sentry Box routinely sells four and five model bags made from the GW plastic boxed set.

FF-Fields Orc field arrives

The Fed-Ex driver stopped by today and dropped off the Orc field I ordered from FF-Fields.

Orc field

Orc field

This is one of their standard fields and I ordered it through Impact! Miniatures.

The field was shipped via Fed-Ex, as you would expect from an Italian company, and was meticulously packed. The field was rolled into a tube and each end had a cap that was stapled into place and then taped.

The field was covered in a plastic wrap and the inside of the tube was filled with packing peanuts to avoid any crushing damage.

The field is exactly as pictured on the website and is printed on a seemingly strong vinyl in high resolution. The grass pattern on the field has some pixelation but its only noticeable when you get quite close.

The only issue I have with it is that the score markers only go up to three and the scatter diagram is slightly difficult to read. Other than that it looks incredible. I can’t wait to get my first game in with this and I am excited about finishing my Orc team so I can play on the field with a painted team.

I like it so much that I am going to get a custom field made that is a bit more generic and slightly more evil looking. The FF-Fields website has several examples of custom fields they have created and I will be saving up to get mine.

First Scotling painted

I had some time today so I quickly did a test paint job for the Impact! Miniatures Scotling team that I purchased.

I want them to all look like cranky, possibly drunk, old men and so picked a fairly restrained scheme for the clothing and bright red hair. Because they are meant to be Scottish I did a quirky and dirty tartan scheme.



I did some quick touch-ups on tartan after taking this picture. I like the way it turned out and so I am going to start doing the entire team in this scheme.

Another busy hobby day

Yesterday was another busy hobby day. I finished basing 12 40K Ork models that will be part of several eBay auctions that I will be posting in the next few days. In addition I also based the Blood Bowl team I picked up recently. The models were painted but not based so I finished those up and also quickly painted a fifth Vampire model for the army.

While I was at it I also assembled the 13 Scotling models and primed them in preparation for painting.

My list of completed Blood Bowl teams is now at

Dark Elf
Chaos Dwarves

I have a Goblin team to assemble and prime and then I will have the eight teams for my House League.

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