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Dystopian Wars

Preparing for a Dystopian Wars tournament

Adam is hosting another Dystopian Wars tournament at Imaginary Wars on March 22nd. So this means that I need to get a few figures finished in order to prepare. I have a few partially finished minis that I will paint up and then I need to determine what large vessel I will be taking. Given the Russian propensity for big guns it might be useful to reinforce that with the Dreadnought.

Still undecided and I may need to play a few 1000pt matches to determine what I am going to take.

Getting some focus

I have a real problem with staying focused on a project long enough to see it to completion. I suspect that I am not unique in this but the last month has been exceptionally crazy for hopping from project to project. So I think that to tame the beast that is my unbridled enthusiasm, I will be setting monthly painting and gaming goals so I at least focus on one or two things a month in hopes of getting them done.

Building a new Armoured Clash force

I got some new Dystopian Wars French figures in the mail this week and they are now all washed, assembled and based ready for a game.

Rick and I are going to have a 2000pt game this weekend and I an going to either expand my Prussians with a French allied contingent or try out a French/Belgian/Prussian force using the French as the core and the Belgians and Prussians as allies.

The Prussians are very focused on Boarding attacks and not so much on shooting so I thought that it might be interesting to create a French force with a lot of Heat Lances accompanied by a Prussian Armoured regiment to go out and board Rick’s KoB Land Ships and take them out.

I am still undecided so I will try to put a few different lists together and see which one appeals to me.

Armoured Clash

Rick and I got together today to try out the Armoured Clash rules from Spartan Games. The rules are an variant system for Dystopian Wars that allows players to do large land-based battles in a shorter amount of time while still using the models and flavour of the DW rules. Spartan provides them free of charge from their website.

Painting and building

It has been a slow time for gaming since the Dystopian Wars tournament so I have been building and painting some miniatures. Most of the assembly has been for my Prussian Armoured Clash force. I recently ordered the Prussian starter force for Armoured Clash as well as a series of figures to build a Belgian Armoured formation, a Prussian Zeppelin force and a Prussian-Scandinavian Assault force.

Dystopian Wars tournament results

Today was day for the Dystopian War tournament that Adam kindly arranged. The event started at 9am at Imaginary Wars which required the owner, Kyle, to open the shop a few hours early for us. There were ten players present bringing fleets for the Ottoman (1), CoA (2), Russians (2), EotBS (2), KoB (1) and FSA(1). I was happy to actually play against players and fleets that I didn’t have any experience with.

A great day for goodies

Today was an incredible day for receiving goodies. I managed to pick up a complete set of Advanced Squad Leader Annuals. The early ones are, as one would expect, well read but the last three or in mint condition. What was even more exceptional was the price. Less than cover price for the entire set. Quite a good deal.

What can you get for a box of Space Marines?

Recently I expressed my surprise at the cost of some recent GW 40K Space Marine miniatures. I also, back in 2011, suggested using the GW as a universal form of cross-game currency comparison.

But after some consideration I thought that it would be fun to see just what exactly you could get for some other game systems for the same price as that single box of Space Marine Centurion figures. Please note: your results will vary. Games Workshop has some bizarre world-wide pricing that makes it difficult to compare prices from country to country. The same Centurion box that is $94 in Canada is £45 is the UK which converts directly to $77 Cnd. All this is then is what one Canadian gamer could get for the same cost as a Space Marine Centurion boxed set. (more…)

Small-scale DW game

Rick and I met last night for a small, 500pt, game of Dystopian Wars. Rick brought his KoB figures and I brought out my Russians.

My force consisted of

  • Battleship
  • 2 x Cruisers
  • 2 x Destroyers
  • 2 x Medium Bombers
  • Dive Bomber wing
  • Fighter Wing

Rick had

  • Battleship with one escort
  • 2 squadrons of 2 Cruisers
  • 2 Frigates
  • 2 wings of Torpedo bombers


Dystopian Wars Russians v. Prussians

I got some time this evening to head to Myth Games and play a game of Dystopian Wars against Stad and his Prussian fleet. I brought along one of the 850 (840 to be exact) pt lists that I am testing for the October 19th tournament.

I also just need more experience with the rules in general so any game, regardless of the force, is a good thing.

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