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Flames of War

Rebasing 15mm figures

The big task this weekend was to rebase some Battlefront US Airborne figures to make them easier to use with the Battleground rules. Flames of War uses a slightly ahistorical squad size for their armies. The Airborne figures are based in two stand squads with four figures per base and an MG team on one of the bases. This makes for an eight model squad with no distinct MG team. Battleground has the US Airborne deployed in nine man squads with a 3 man MG team.

So in order to get the Battlefront plastic US Airborne figures to work I needed to create five and four man rifle teams and three man MG teams. This required me to cut figures from some of the teams and then glue them to other bases. Not really difficult work but it took some time.

I should still be able to use the figures for Flames of War because it really seems as if the issue isn’t the correct number of models on a base but that the base is identifiable as a squad of troops.

As part of the process I had to chip away some of the sand from the bases so I will need to go back and rebase them prior to painting.

More assembly

My joints have been really bugging me of late so I haven’t been doing any painting. As odd as it might seem, painting is the worst thing for my joints so if I have any residual joint pain I tend to avoid painting. You can’t spell “paint” without “pain” :-) Thankfully I have a lot of figures to assemble and get ready for when I can paint so that is what I did today.

One of the tasks that I have been working on is assembling the figures from the Super Dungeon Explore core game. The twins are going to be helping me paint them and I finally got the last of them cleaned and assembled. The girls helped assemble the two Ogre figures and were quite pleased with themselves.

Tamiya solution

So I attempted to see if hitting my Flames of war miniatures with a coat of dullcoat would allow a wash to settle on the heretofore water insoluble Tamiya spray paints I had used.

Sadly that didn’t work.

Fortunately though I recalled that Darren at Strategies Games mentioned putting some PVA glue in the wash. I tried it, and sure enough it actually worked.

So I was able to put a wash on four Marders and two trucks tonight. Thank goodness that worked as I wasn’t looking forward to manually basecoating all my Soviets.

FoW tournament results

Sunday was the 600pt Flames of War tournament at Strategies Games here in Vancouver. I was quite surprised to see that there were 14 people signed up and that in the end 12 showed for the event.

The event was four games and I was lucky to win two and lose two. Mind you the third game was very close and was scored 4:3 for my opponent.

I took a 600pt Grenadier force

1 x Company HQ
1 x Grenadier Plt (3 x Grenadier squads)
1 x HMG Plt (2 x HMG squads)
1 x AT plt (2 x PaK 38)
1 x Assault Gun plt (2 x StuG D, 1 x Sdkfz 251)

It turns out that I made a much better army choice than I originally thought as the force had enough AT to deal with most tank forces and also had the HMG section to deal with infantry.

It turns out that in the four games I played against three German forces. A bit of a problem but then its better than playing against three American motorised armies :-)

The 600pt games are played on a 4′ x 3′ table and since the armies only need a single combat platoon the forces had a very high amount of support weapons. It made for forces that had a lot of firepower and it also made the games, at least some of them, quite quick.

The next tournament will also be a 600pt event but it will be Late War and I am thinking of painting up my Soviet army for the event.

FoW tournament tomorrow

I will be participating in a Flames of War tournament tomorrow. Which explains the painting. Its a small event… small in that the armies are only 600pts. I think there may be eight people showing up for the event.

I’ve decided to take a smattering of troops that do well in defence since I assume that there will be a lot of American motorised forces or even a lot of tank companies.

I have an AT section, a platoon of StuG D’s and two Panzerknacker teams in case I need to get “up close and personal” with some tanks. I had to paint up the rest of the StuG D platoon this weekend. I purchased a “handful” of StuGs when I first started gaming and didn’t realise that I only had one StuG D until after I had painted it.

The StuG D platoon is about the only armoured formation I can afford in a 600 pt army so I spent some time this weekend finishing up the second StuG as well as the Sdkfz 253 command vehicle.

Hopefully they will do well.

Tamiya sprays

I just finished the first of my 15mm Battlefront German WWII vehicles done using Tamiya German Grey spray. I was able to base coat about 30 vehicles and two AT guns in about an hour. A heck of a lot quicker than doing it by hand.

The models looks good and they match my other paint schemes but I found that the models that I had sprayed with the Tamiya seemed to be immune to washes. I’ve had the same thing happen with seven different miniatures now where the wash just beads up and flows off the vehicle.

Quite odd.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a solution for that before I start work on my Tiger tanks and half tracks.

FoW Soviets

Just finished a deal with Ryan for a rather extensive set of Flames of War Soviet troops.

I now have about four platoons of Submachine gun troops :-)

I’d previously picked up some Tamiya spray paint and so I should be able to prime these up in standard colours fairly quickly.

I’ll be doing the army as a Late War force. It saves me having to paint as many minis and it also means that I have better troops in my force.

Flames of War action

I managed to drop into Strategies Games & Hobbies last night for a game of Flames of War against Sandy and his US Mechanised Infantry.

A fun game but I am getting rather tired of fighting against US Mechanised Infantry armies. Especially since most of them appear to be decidedly similar to one another. Not any fault on the part of players really, its just that there are some very good American units and you’d be quite daft not to take them.

Zach recently picked up Americans as well and much to my horror has picked a Mechanised Rifle Company.

Maybe I can convince him to field them as an infantry company?

On the plus side I am actually quite intrigued by the Festung Europa book. Zach is building a Late War American list and the options for the Germans in that book look interesting enough to try out.

Battlefront Marder IIs

So while taking some time away from my 40K army I decided to assemble the four new Marder II miniatures I recently picked up from Battlefront.

I have to say that they are perhaps the most disappointing Battlefront figs I have received to date. Not that the sculpts are bad but that the gun shields at the front of the tank don’t appear to actually fit. And since this happened on all four of the miniatures I have I can’t see it being a casting error.

None of the shields appear to be able to fit in the manner suggested by the photo on Battlefront’s online store and the directions in the blister appear to be for a much older version of the Marder II as the gun shield in the illustration is different than the one shipping in the blister,

I’m going to try to bend the gun shields to see if they will fit that way but as it stands I may need to do some scultping/bitz hacking to fill in the rather obvious holes around the gun shield.

If you are in the market for Marders for your FOW army I might suggest looking at one of their other Marder figures instead.

Update: Bending the gun shields actually makes the situation worse. I’ve attached some tracks and jerry cans to the fronts to masks some of the worst areas and perhaps I’ll add some shrubs et to the minis to further conceal the holes.

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