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Mythcon 2

Malifaux Rasputina tournament list

Saturday is the Malifaux tournament at Myth-a-con 2 and I will be bringing a 35 SS Rasputina force to the event.

Rasputina — 4 Cache
Essence of Power [2ss]

Ice Gamin [4ss]
Ice Gamin [4ss]
Ice Gamin [4ss]
Ice Golem [9ss]
Silent One [6ss]
Convict Gunslinger [6ss]

I like the core Rasputina force and the Convict Gunslinger is put in the list to add a little more firepower.

The main strategy is going to be to use the Ice Pillars to control the board and then use the Ice Gamin to get into position and explode next to enemy units via some spells from Rasputina or the Silent One.

Nothing subtle but I hope that it works.

Busy gaming schedule

Well busy for me that is. This weekend is the Malifaux tournament at MythCon 2. I don’t suspect that there will be a lot of people competing at it but it will be a fun evening in any case and I should be able to get in three or four games of Malifaux.

The week after will be the regular Thursday night Warhammer night at Myth. I am hoping to have at least one Great Eagle to put into my army by then but I am not optimistic about getting one.

I am going to bring out my Phoenix Guard for the next game. I’ve had two games in a row now where I could have used their 4+ Ward Save to help fight against something big and nasty. They are, aside from the Dragon Princes, the hardiest of the High Ef troops and a good candidate to help take out the monsters that pop up quite frequently in the game.

Following that is the Skirmish Demo Day at Myth Games where there will be Malifaux demos aplenty (one hopes).

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