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More sanding and basing

I finished up resanding the bases of some of the 15mm US Airborne that I rebased the other day. I also sanded quite a few of the 15mm Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company German troops. So this morning it was back at basing and I added another platoon of German riflemen and some more support weapons. I still need to assemble and base some mortars and HMG/MMG teams but once I do that I should have more than enough 15mm German troops.

15mm Wehrmacht basing

I’ve been thinking about how to base 15mm figures for Battlegroup. I have some 15mm US Airborne based using Flames of War bases and they look good but they are not really well suited for Battlegroup unless you want to have dice tracking wounds. This isn’t onerous but I was hoping to find a better solution.

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