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Relic Knights

Shattered Sword figures completed

My lethargic painting progress continues as I have now managed to finish the figures in the starter set for my Shattered Sword figures. Aside from the usual issues that limit my painting time, I also spent a fair bit of hobby time assembling the rest of my Relic Knights figs. Now that they are all primed and ready to paint I should be able to get a few more figures done.


All of these minis were primed white and painting them just reminded me of how much I loathe painting over white primer. Every tiny spot you miss pops out from the figure and it really highlights that rather cavalier way in which I paint. I also painted these troops up as traditional knights mostly to speed the process up but also because I really like how metallic armour looks.

Francis, Quill and friends

Francis Malory is actually a very nicely sculpted figure and unlike a lot of the smaller Relic Knights figures he has some good definition in his face. The Paragons in the background are a bit of a mishmash of a paint scheme. I started them first and really couldn’t decide what colours to use or what to use as the primary colour and so they got painted over with the metallic base after an unsuccessful initial attempt. There is some precise details on the front of their shields that I really couldn’t pick out well enough so it was left without any paint on it.

These are a bit of a rush job (for me that is) and I will be taking my time with the rest of the Shattered Sword figures I have.

But first, the Noh starter.

A pun involving Noh

I did a trade on Bartertown recently for some miniatures and my part of the deal was a set of Noh miniatures for Relic Knights. When I picked up my initial figures from Dallas I really wanted the Noh set he had but he also had an eye on them so I went wanting. Happily I found what appears to be a Kickstarter set on Bartertown and the mailman dropped it yesterday.

Noh room left on the table

The package consists of

  • Noh Faction Starter Set
  • Beastmaster
  • Hounds of Nozuki
  • Serpent Priestess
  • Kasaro To
  • Marikan To
  • Darkspace Rin Farrah
  • Render
  • Hyojin Berzerkers

And I also now finally have a boost pack. No Mamaro To oddly enough but I have more than enough to assemble and paint so I doubt I’ll miss him.

Relic Knights “test”

The tableAfter an extensive delay I finally got a chance to drag out my recently acquired Relic Knights figures and try out the game. I had my Shattered Sword starter set and a Cerci Speed Circuit force that consisted of Suicide Queen, a Pacer and two small units of Hell’s Belles.

It wasn’t a full game and to keep things simple I didn’t add the objectives but we did get to try a few turns, try out a few combats and get a general feel for the game.

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