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Rivet Wars

Rivet Wars Mega Battle

Aircraft Ho!

Today was the Rivet Wars Mega Battle at Sentry Box. I recently got my Wave 2 shipment from CMoN and decided to use it as an opportunity to try out all the new units and also put on a big battle to show off all the new units.

There wasn’t any real scenario involved. I just put down as many of the tiles as I could and then dropped down some objective and other terrain. Despite having the extra tile set I could have easily used another three tiles to add even more terrain. I placed a Zuzzy rubber terrain mat on the table, which was happily just wide enough for three tiles, to keep them in place during the game and it worked wonderfully. I had two sets of cards so each team had their own Action and Secret Mission cards.


Well the house is certainly full of distractions at the moment. My Rivet Wars parcel arrived today and the day prior to that the copy of Krosmaster: Arena that I did a trade for showed up. The twins were very excited about the Krosmaster figures and only Twin A was really all that interested in the Rivet Wars minis. Her sister played with them but only, I suspect, to be social and be involved in a game.

Rivet Wars

I tried out the first Rivet Wars scenario this evening on my own and it plays quite quickly and is a very simple game. I did almost run out of figures though as both sides were having ridiculous luck when it came to trying to take out their opponents. In the final turn, luck turned to the Allies who almost cleared the board of the Blighten troops and grabbed a victory.

Rivet Wars Blight fighter

The CMoN forums have a picture of a WIP version of Blight fighter for the Rivet Wars board game.

Blight fighter

I really can’t wait for this to show up and I honestly don’t even care if the game is any good. I may even try to paint one or two of these as well.

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