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Bolt Action: Hold Until Relieved

As part of our demo day at Sentry Box we ran a 1000pt Bolt Action game with my Germans and Palmer’s Americans. This was the largest game we have run yet and had the widest number of units and vehicles that we’ve used.


We played Hold Until Relieved with Palmer attacking and my Germans defending. The Hotel in the centre of the table was the objective for the game. Palmer was attacking from the right (in the photo above) and had placed his three infantry units in the two rightmost farm houses and in the orchard. I placed an MMG team in the upper floor of the Hotel and an infantry squad in the ruined church next to it.

Bolt Action demo game

Palmer and I spent Sunday at The Sentry Box running a demo of the Bolt Action WWII rules for some local gamers. We had four people who came to the store to check out that game with three of them playing and a fourth just watching and asking questions.

The table was set up with a farm on one half and a wooded, hilly section on the other. Sadly I don’t have enough tress to really create the effect I wanted so it looked more sparse than I was hoping for.


Clearing off the gaming table

After dragging my terrain and figures to Sentry Box for a few games I decided to move some of my painting supplies and fixtures to a different table so I can clear off my 4′ x 8′ table and start to use it for games. It was originally my gaming table when we were in Vancouver but when we moved to Calgary it, for a series of different reasons, primarily became a storage space and then a place for my painting table.

It is one thing though to bring down a small number of figs to Sentry Box and use the terrain there for a game and its quite another to drag down a full Bolt Action army and two boxes of terrain for a game. So my painting station has been moved to my work table (which doesn’t get used for work a lot to be honest) and I am in the process of cleaning off the rest of the detritus from the table so it will be clear to use for gaming.

This also means that it will be clear for other games but the aim is to make a space for Bolt Action and the other WWII games that I am planning on playing.

Bolt Action: Top Secret

Palmer and I met up at Sentry Box to play a 750pt Bolt Action game. I was hoping to have my StuG G at least primed and assembled for the game but was unable to get out to get some Dunkel Gelb primer. The Warlord StuG I picked up really needs to have the parts primed prior to any assembly so that meant the vehicle was AWOL for this game.

Instead I took some additional infantry, artillery observer, a spotter for my Medium Mortar team and a sniper. Palmer’s force was very similar to the last game with the addition of a Forward Air Observer, Light Mortar team and an armoured car.

Instead of the ruined French village terrain we used previously, I pulled out the farm terrain I had as well as the new hedge terrain pieces I picked up. It meant a bit more terrain on the table but not a lot more and certainly not as much as I would want for a larger game.


IHMN game report: Institut v. Ronin

I met up with Danny at Sentry Box to play a game of In Her Majesty’s Name. I had my Institut pour la recherche et l’exploitation des technologies inconnues and Daniel had his Ronin company. This was Daniel’s first game and my second. It was my first game with a fuller set of figures on the table and I also had slightly better understanding of the rules.

Battlegroup acquired

Battlegroup: Fall of the ReichToday was a fortuitous day. I managed to pick up some extra cash and while wandering though the military section at Sentry Box noticed that they had a copy of Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich. I grabbed it and thought to myself that it would be great if they had the rule booklet as well. Happily it turned out that they did and so I snagged them both.

I’ll be playing these rules in 15mm and using my 28mm figs for Chain of Command and Bolt Action.

Etherian Horde v. Dynamic Ironmen

Round 4 of our local Dreadball League continued today with my away game against Charles’ Robot team. Charles came into the game with 2 wins and a landslide and I my three loss streak. My game plan against Charles’ team was to try to take advantage of his lack of numbers and remove some players from the field and then try to put a few strikes in.

Sadly the game went according to plan but it went according to both of our plans. I managed to end the game with only one of Charles’ robots on the field but he also won the game by 2 points. Once again I really had a problem trying to retain control of the ball. I managed to keep the field clear for my Strikers but once they got the ball they were knocked down and lost the ball.

Compagnie pour l’exploration et l’extraction des Technologies Inconnues

SoldierSo while I was going through the various companies for In Her Majesty’s Name I was a bit taken by the French Foreign Legion company. The idea was nice but as I was thinking of it I started to envision a group of French troops that were lead by an explorer who was attempting to find and return technology for the French government. And so Le Compagnie pour l’exploration et l’extraction des Technologies Inconnues was born.

Or at least it has been conceived.

While at Sentry Box today I picked up Renegade French WWI Chausseurs who probably aren’t the most accurate figures but they seem the part and looked pretty nifty. I also grabbed two Chronoscape Autonomon figures as well as a female technician. The only thing I need to add to the group is some sort of infantry command figure or two. Sadly the Renegade rack was a bit slim on command figures for the WWI French minis so I may need to order something from North Star.

Dreadball Exhibition match

Rick, Rob and I were all at Sentry Box last night for some Dreadball fun. Rick and I were supposed to be playing IHMN but Rick grabbed the wrong miniature case. Must be the signs of some form of age-related senility creeping in.

While we were waiting for Rob to finish playing some odd, niche, game that involved far too many miniatures (Warmachine I think he called it :-) Rick and I played an exhibition game as part of our Dreadball league.



28mm plastic Russian Infantry review

While I was in Sentry Box yesterday I picked up, on a whim, a series of 28mm plastic WWII Soviet figures from The Plastic Soldier Company. These were quite literally an impulse buy as I was in the store to see if they had any Warlord Games plastic German infantry. Some of the local gaming crowd is interested in playing Bolt Action and while I do have the start of a German force the boxes on sale offered my the opportunity to pick up every Soviet infantry option I would need, along with support weapons, for a very decent price.

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