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Strange Aeons

The Dagonite painting begins

Today began the process of starting to paint my Dagonite cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten. I had previously primed the figures and today I created a “fish” tone paint to use for the skin and scales.

I wanted a light green blue colour to act as the base for the Fishmen and Hybrid skin and also to use as a base colour for the cloaks for the Cultists. I had an empty Devlin Mud bottle that I cleaned out and then mixed a colour to use. I used a mixture of PP Arcane Blue, PP White and a GW medium Green.


I was highly unscientific and I will not be able to match this again :-) You can see two of the Cultists in the background ready for some colour.

Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Universit├Ąt Week 1

One of the other games that I am in the process of getting ready to play is the Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten expansion that Uncle Mike’s Worldwide released as part of their Strange Aeons game system. The VuK game is a stand-alone product that contains all of the core rules from Strange Aeons as well as the rules and scenarios you need to play cult on cult battles as your group of desperate deviants attempt to curry favour from your particular deity at the expense of locals and other cultists.

Even more incoming

Another day and another set of miniatures. First off are the Deep One Hybrids from Brigade Games.


The miniatures were created by/for Rattrap Productions and are part of the series of Rattrap figures that Brigade sells. They are, to my eye, the best 28mm scale Hybrid figures available and are going to be part of my Dagonite cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.

Also arriving today was a set of the plastic Chaos figures from the 40K Dark Vengeance set. I have some random Chaos Space Marines around and decided to use them to build a small force for Victory Decision: Future Combat. Its effectively going to be a Chaos army but the core is going to be 40 Chaos Cultists with a sprinkling of Chaos Space Marines to stiffen it up.

Not an immediate project but something I will be working on in a bit.


Today was a great day for self-bought presents as the mailman came with two parcels for me. The first was from Heresy Miniatures and included their Ghoul King, a pack of Ghouls, the Dark Brethren cultists with polearms, the Dark Brethern leader and two of their Daemon Hounds. Those, except for the hounds, will form the basis of a Ghoul Cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten. The other parcel was from Fantization Miniatures and included the Dark Mariner Cephalid Telepath and Leviathan. Those will be part of a Dagonite cult for VuK.

Dark Brethren

Both sets of miniatures were ordered at the same time and they both arrived on my doorstop at the same time. I also made an order from Black Cat Bases and Brigade Games at the same time. The Brigade order is still processing and the Black Cat order dropped into a black hole. The folks at Black Cat have been affected by some serious health issues but I really only learned that after I made an order. It appears as if the company has a huge backlog of orders but isn’t responding to emails. While it is sad that they have had these issues it seems odd that they would continue to accept orders on their site. If it hadn’t been for a thread on Lead Adventure I wouldn’t even have been aware of the problem.

So I suspect that I will not be getting the figures from Black Cat at all and will probably be opening a case via Paypal soon if only to get the attention of the folks from Black Cat and perhaps get them to answer their email.

Well that sucks

It appears that we all need to find a new place to play Strange Aeons as the local game store, Great White, has shut down. I am not sure what the issue was but one day it was running and the next it was closed due to non-payment of rent. I suspect that this issue came as a surprise to Kyle and the staff as they didn’t appear to make any mentions of there being trouble.

There are quite a few good gaming stores here in Calgary but Great White was ten minutes away and was in a mall with a pretty good food-fair so it is going to be missed.

Next batch of painting

As is usual I have far more projects on my table than I have time. I suspect that I am not unique in this. After my purchases this weekend I have more Iron Dwarf vessels for Uncharted Seas to prep and prime as well as my FSA fleet for Dystopian Wars. In addition I have a few figures for my Zorida Malifaux crew that I want to paint. I suspect that the Silurids and Bad Mojo for Malifaux will be painted first as they can also do double duty as a Shambler and Deep Ones for Strange Aeons.

The Iron Dwarf vessels are of primary importance since I want to use them this weekend in a game so I need to at least prep and prime them.

Sadly the FSA fleet might take a backseat but I am at least going to take them with me on Tuesday to show to everyone at Great White to try to tempt some others into playing :-)

New Pulp Figures minis arrive

The trip to the mailbox today brought a package from Pulp Figures. I recently ordered the Evil Hooded Minions 2, The Boys in Blue 2 and Doc Thompson & his Fabulous Four.

The Hooded Minions will be painted up to match my Artizan Designs Cultists, the Police will join the Brigade Games Police figures I am painting for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten and the Doc Thompson figures will make excellent Threshold agents for Strange Aeons. Doc Savage is the epitome of what a Threshold team is all about and it will be fun to come up with some stats for them.

The figures are to the usual standard of figures from Bob Murch. Crisp casts, very little flash and next to no mould lines. Bob excels at creating character driven figures and these are all great examples. I’m looking forward to getting these painted and on the table for some game.

Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten

Its Tuesday so that meant it was time to head to Great White to play some Strange Aeons. This evening I was able to get in a game of the Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten rules. For those not aware of them they are a set of rules that Mike is developing to work with his Strange Aeons rules. You can download them from his website and offer feedback on the rules and test them out.

Unlike Strange Aeons which pits the forces of good against the forces of evil, Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten pits cults of evildoers against one another to fight for loot, infamy, the favour of the Elder Gods and territory. Mike played his Death Cult, lead by a Mummy, against my cult of Dagonites.

Mike's Death Cult


The long arm of the law

I stared to do the bases on the five figures I had finished for my next Strange Aeons gaming but sadly the colour on the bases was not quite dark enough and so I needed to apply a wash to the bases to darken them. So while I am waiting for the bases to dry I started painting some of the police figures that I had picked up from Brigade Games. I’m not sure who sculpted them but they are quite nice and will be quite way to paint up.

The idea is to use them for them Of Unspeakable Cults game for when players need to call in the authorities when the teams are unbalanced. The figures are equipped with .22 pistols, shotgun, rifle and Tommy Gun making them a pretty well-rounded for for a Strange Aeons game.

Baring any problems I should have these painted up for next week.

Threshold victory!

Last Tuesday’s night of Strange Aeons gaming at Great White was punctuated with that most rare of occasions, me winning a game with my Threshold crew. I managed to get in two sets of games, two games with my Threshold list and two playing Lurkers. My first Lurker game was played using a Rogue Threshold Character and two Henchmen. Sadly that game ended quickly as the Threshold team they were up against was only two models but still 19 points. The character had Lightning Reflexes and Crackshot and was easily able to take out my Henchmen and then the Rogue Character. I really should have gone with a less expensive model since the main benefit of the Rogue Character is his access to the new gadgets and weapons. WIthout them he is just an expensive leader.

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