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Marvel Legendary first thoughts

I managed to get one of the last copies of Marvel Legendary available in Canada this afternoon after stupidly letting one slip out of my hands earlier in the week. If you want an quick review of the game that describes it well. The game is, as far as I can tell, sold out at the manufacturer and, if Calgary is any indication, sold out at retailers as well. The distributor that Trilogy Gaming Club got my copy from was out and from my discussions elsewhere it appears that most, if not all, distributors in Canada are sold out.

I was interested in the game but what really got me to go out and get a copy was my two five year old twin girls who are, for some reason, crazy about the game. We watched some videos on the Crits Happen website and they immediately wanted the game and also started making their own hero and villain cards using paper, scissors and some Marvel Hero stickers they had handy.

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