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Pulp Power Armour

I got some new Project X Power Armour troops in the mail yesterday and I spent the evening assembling them in preparation for painting.

Dreadnought Armour
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This is the British Dreadnought armour with PIAT. The comparison troop is a Copplestone adventurer that is being used as part of the British Paranormal team.

German Armour
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The German Power Armour (with MG42 and a heavier assault cannon) next to a Pulp Figures Zeppelin trooper (being used as a gas Trooper) and an Artizan German WWII infantry troop with SMG.

US Power Armour
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And finally the US armour. Both models came with the Bazooka but I did a quick conversion on one miniature to add a shield and Power Maul to make it an infantry support model.


  1. Gotta say I like the appearance of the German Power Armor best – that said the American armor does look period appropriate..

  2. I think that they all seem very appropriate. The US armour is quite utilitarian and the British suit looks like someone banged some parts onto a diving suit.

    As well the US suit should fit in well with the Darkson Designs Buffalo Walker.

  3. That German power armor is great. Definitely have to pick some of those figures up for Pulp gaming.

  4. I just finished painting the first US suit. I’ll try to get some photos done once I have the mini based

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