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First 40K CoD game

Jamie, our local Tau player, came over the other night and we had the first game using the new Cities of Death terrain I built. I used my newly acquired Ork minis against his Tau and got slaughtered.

I played a generic list that I had created for my Orks and didn’t specifically tailor it to play against the Tau and I learned a few lessons about what to do and not to do against them. So next time we play there will be a few more mobile units, no Dreadnought and some Lobbas on the table.

The terrain worked out well but I need to work on creating some more scatter terrain that uses the same theme to help fill the table out more. I am also going to try and work on creating some walkways to add to the table to create some more visually interesting terrain as most of the table is a little flat at the moment.

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