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As the year has gone on I have found myself blogging a lot less. I am not sure why but it just isn’t a big part of my hobby life. As well, I have been hosting my blog on the calgarygamers.net domain which I have used, for the past few years, to host a gaming site and forum. Neither the site nor the forum really worked out the way I wanted and it isn’t really feasible to keep the site running when it isn’t serving the purpose for which it was started.

The current hosting plan ends on September 24th and I am in discussions with the local Blood Bowl league to have them take over hosting the domain and the forum since they are the primary users of the site.

Even of they take it over, the blog won’t be hosted on it any further and so I will take my occasional hobby rambling back to my WordPress site: https://zacgaming.wordpress.com/

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