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Where did all the time go?

Well the babies have been home for three weeks and we have yet to really fall into a regular schedule. I doubt that we will until the start sleeping through the night.

Despite this I have been able to get some work done. No painting yet but I have rebased a pile of Confrontation miniatures as well as prepping some metal 40K Terminators.

I will also be heading out to Home Depot this week (hopefully) to pick up some “dip” material so I can start to basecoat and then dip the rest of my Confrontation figures.

No gaming as of yet. Zach was going to come over on Sunday for a game of AE-WWII but he came down with a cold and we don’t want the kids to be exposed to cold germs yet. Hopefully I will be able to get in a game next week when Michelle’s sister and parents are here visiting.

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